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Christmas is Coming!

Soon it will be that special time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Our Lord.

Over recent years, there has been a general view that Christmas has been becoming less and less of about Our Lord, and more and more about 'Commercialism', and this year the trend appears to be continuing.

We often talk about how we present Christianity, and the wisdom of alienating our secular friends and relatives by over-evangalising, but surely Christmas is one time when we can present the message of Christianity without the risk of boring those non-religious people amongst our loved ones.

Christmas cards are the ideal way to get the Lord's message across.

Sadly, the commerial forces at work seem to have even affected the availability of truly Christian Christmas cards.

There are plenty of cards mased on the commerical Christmas tradition, (Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees etc) but, as we found out when ordering or congregation Christmas cards, a very limited that cover the nativity scene and story.

Of course, we could just continnue to bemoan the sorry trend of increased commercialism, but the better option is to be proactive. This year, my family will be makling our own Christmas cards - ones with a Christian message, and personalised greetings. It isn't hard, there are kits available and plenty of advise on how to do it on the internet.

When sendin large numbers of cards, for a business, or in our case for the church itself, this clearly isn't practical, but there are other options.

Some manufacturers offer a range of business christmas cards where you can personalise the message, and even the image. This allows you to present a positive view of Christianity to your customers and suppliers. As always in business matters, a degree of senstiviity is needed, but with a little care in the wording, one can get the Lord's message across with causing offence.